Friday, April 3, 2009

A Great Surprise?

We are on vacation, so I am trying to take a vacation from adoption. As you might expect, I am not doing very well. We spend our time telling my parents all about the process, and trying to decide on a name. To make matters worse, we got a wonderful picture of the little boy we hope to adopt (our 3rd son) today - something we were not expecting. We are so in love with that boy!

It is great to see him, and it is painful. We don't like that we can't be with him, and that he is living in an orphanage. Without the picture we don't have to think about where he is now - just where he will be soon. Hopefully, it will be soon.

We have sent all our paperwork to our agency, and now we wait to hear that our dossier has been submitted to the Government Officials. Once submitted, we should shortly thereafter know our travel dates. When they will come we don't know. I am playing a little game with myself and trying not to ask our agency when our dossier will be submitted. The question is, how long can I go without asking for more information?

Having seen the little boy again, it makes not asking that much harder, but I will continue to try, and focus on enjoying our family of four before we become a family of five. That is so exciting to say!