Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Another New Summer Adventure

As most know, I love projects! I no longer have to learn Russian for Alexander's arrival, so I have a new project. Here it is ... the list of things to do this Summer. My wonderful pointed out we have about 60 days of Summer left and 30 activities to accomplish, we will be busy!!!

Go to an Amusement Park
Camp in a Tent
Visit the 'K' State Park
Play on the Slip-p-Slide
Watch Fireworks
Complete School Workbook
Go on a Canoe Trip
Visit a Beach Close to Home
Go on a Fishing Trip
Collect and Paint Rocks
Have a Water Balloon Fight
Go to a Baseball Game
Pick Fruit at a Local Farm
Take a Picnic to a New Park
Make Popsicles at Home
Do a Family Fun Run
Hike a New Trail
Play Family Kick Ball
Visit an old Jail
See How Long we can Go without TV
Make Tie Dye Shirts
Leave Secret Gifts Ride
Attend an Outdoor Concert
Visit the Arboretum
Take Dad to the Tree Houses
Go See a Movie
Make Homemade Ice Cream
Go to a Parade
Have a Neighborhood Movie Night
Make a Summer Scrapbook