Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer Adventures

After going back and forth several times, we have officially decided to bring a child from Russia to the US this Summer. We have chosen Alexander as our host child - which is similar to an exchange student. You can learn about the group organizing this adventure by visiting the link on the right side by Alexander's picture.

We were first introduced to hosting through a couple we met in Florida 2 years ago, and we have talked about doing it since that time. This couple had a wonderful experience sharing their hearts and home with a young girl they later adopted.

Even without adoption, hosting is a great opportunity for these children who have no family. Imagine spending every day in an orphanage with many children, rarely leaving, and then flying across the world to experience:

stores filled with candy,
swimming in your backyard,
going to an amusement park,
boxes and boxes of Lego,
brothers to chase on your bike,
watching a family movie,
and cuddling on the couch!

We hope moments like these will make Sasha's life better. We have no doubt this experience will make our lives richer.

There may be around 800,000 orphans in Russia ... we feel blessed to get to know one of them. We hope you will follow our time with Alexander(Sasha) later this Summer when we share our lives and love with him.

In case you are wondering, we still hope to adopt a toddler from Russia later this year, but that won't happen until November/December. Until then we want to give back to the country that has given us our 2 wonderful children.