Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hope for the Kids

Once again, we had hoped to host a child over Christmas. We found a little boy on the New Horizons for Children photolisting that we thought would be a great fit with out family. The problem is we are scared he would be too good a fit.

Meric asked the important question: what happens if he comes, and works wonderfully with our family? Of course, we would want to adopt him. The problem is: we hope to adopt another little boy in 2010. I like to think we can handle anything, but trying to adopt 2 boys at the same time, might be a little too much.

We have decided to wait and see if we are able to adopt a child from Russia next year. We hope and pray it works out, and if it doesn't there will be plenty of orphans waiting for a home. It is not my style, but I am going to try and cross that bridge, when, and if, we get to it.

We hope that many of the 200 orphans looking to join New Horizons this Christmas will find families to bring them to the US for the trip of a lifetime.