Monday, October 5, 2009

I Hope God Says Yes

As we have mentioned, there is a little boy in Eastern Europe we hope to adopt. I, being very cautious, have not directly talked to Andrew and Adam about him. When I pray with the boys, I simply say something like: we pray for God's guidance with our family ... knowing that God sees our hearts' desire.

This morning, I learned that Dad, the eternal optimist, has been a little more direct. We were going through our winter coats trying to find the right one for the day. Adam says, this is too small, I am going to give it to 'K' (using this little boys' name).

Whoa! I ask Adam how he knows that name, and he goes on to explain how Dad prays for 'K' at night, and that he is our little brother in Eastern Europe. This clearly needs some intervention, right? I go on to explain that yes there is a little boy we hope to adopt, but we don't know if we will be able to, it is up to God.

Adam then said it all ... 'I hope God Says Yes.' Me too, we hope and pray that God's plan is for K to join our family. Only 4.75 months to go, until we know if he is ours for good. He is already ours in our hearts.