Friday, October 16, 2009

A Little of Everything

A child has stayed home from school everyday this week. There has been fever, coughs, tummy issues, headaches, runny noses, muscles aches, and lots of whining. In total these ailments have lasted at least 14 days. Just when one of us begins to feel better, another symptoms takes over. It has been no fun. At times like these you appreciate your health.

Without health, you cannot enjoy much. Walking is painful, talking turns into a coughing spasm, sleeping makes the coughing worse, eating leads to bathroom, and even hours of TV loses its thrill. It sounds trite, but it could not ring more true to the sick.

When well, we choose what to do with our bodies, who choose what we eat, we choose when we sleep, we choose all our activities. Our health is equivalent to our freedom. Without it, we are imprisoned.

We do hope to be released from our prison soon, as we have had few visitors and it is getting lonely. The loneliness leads to irritability. The irritability leads to screaming which leads to yet another another headache. Oh, how we wish to enjoy the freedom of health once again.