Sunday, February 21, 2010

Stop Yelling!

I have always enjoyed giving something up for Lent; however, I often struggle in which vice to select. I want to be successful without enduring too much discomfort for the 40 days.

This year, my vice called me, quite literally. On a recent adventure, just the boys and me, I heard myself yelling STOP for the billionth time. For the first time, I stopped, and wondered what good all my yelling was doing - none. It only further aggravated everyone including myself.

So I am giving up yelling for Lent, and hopefully, for good. To make this work, I have to slow down and be very mindful of how I respond to the boys and my husband. I am learning to respond and not react with the help of a wonderful book, ScreamFree Parenting.

As for why we 'fast' during lent, check out Spirit Home. They state that fasting is done:

  • as a discipline for learning self-control, and

  • to identify with Christ's sufferings while remembering the true pleasures of following Christ

I have already improved my self-control. I really cannot begin to imagine suffering on the Cross, but I am very thankful for the pleasure of learning to Love as Christ loved.