Sunday, February 14, 2010

Visiting the Great Wall

I have always wanted to see the Great Wall, and luckily we will get to do just that later this year. One wait is over, and another has just begun.

On 1/25/10 when we first saw her picture, we knew we were meant to adopt the little 4 year old girl in the ruffle covered gold dress. It will take about 6-8 months for all the papers to be filed with the proper authorities, and then we hope to travel as a family to bring her home.

We surprised ourselves with this decision, and yet, we know it will be a great adventure for our family. We only know a little about Jia/Mia - she is talkative, active, energetic, and loves to sing, dance and play with makeup. We can't wait to learn more about her, meet her, hug her, and be a family of 5!