Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wicked Determination

Adam loves loved sucking his fingers and simultaneously playing with his ears. He could not do one without the other. Now he can do neither.

Knowing we are taking away his comfort is really hard. Knowing we are doing what is best for him helps a little. We wish we did not have to make a choice, but we did.

We chose to give Adam 'braces' to help curb the habit. Although, he can no longer suck his fingers, he can, and does still rest them in his mouth. His acceptance of this very wicked device is amazing.

We have taken away his favorite way to relax, and yet he does not cry. He has not complained once. He is so good about dealing with what life throws at him. His very strong will helps him keep moving forward through his discomfort. We can all learn something from the little guy.