Friday, March 12, 2010

Burden of Backpacks

It was late, you know, around 8pm, and I had yet to unload the car. No it was not groceries with milk and eggs waiting to be put away. It was just the boys' backpacks.

I couldn't do it. The idea of lugging the packs 10 yards from the garage to the kitchen seemed more like running a marathon. Then I worried what might grow in the lunch boxes over night - nothing that bleach would not kill in the morning, right?

I just couldn't face the pointlessness. I bring the packs in, empty them, clean them, put them away only for them to be filled up, dirtied, and lugged back out. What is the point?

Fortunately, my wonderful husband saved me from the burden of the backpacks, at least for last night. After a night of trash TV, I feel the world is right again, and I face those backpacks one again.