Sunday, March 21, 2010

USCIS is Thinking of Us

The adoption process is full of angst. Many important papers are sent to a seeming abyss of bureaucratic establishments.

2 weeks ago we sent our application to THE DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY; US CITIZENSHIP AND IMMIGRATION SERVICES - that is a mouthful! We heard nothing.

We knew Fedex found the address, but we did not know if our papers were dropped in the mail room, or sitting on the OFFICER'S desk.

As time passes, with no word from USCIS, human natures seems to believe the worst. It seemed likely that our application had been dropped and was now balancing that wobbly table in the mail room.

We were relieved to learn this was NOT the case. Oh the joy, a simple piece of paper can bring. USCIS is considering whether or not we will be show off our very dry skin! Just to know they are thinking of us, makes us feel closer to our daughter.