Friday, April 2, 2010

Our Daughter's First Impressions

Can you imagine meeting your parents via a photo album? I cannot, and yet, that is exactly what will happen with our daughter.

Talk about pressure!! We will send an album full of family photos. Oh, how we want to pick the right album, the right photos ... to help her like what she sees.

Like all adoptive parents, we want the first impression to be perfect, in a very imperfect situation. Will she like how we look? Will she want to join us on hikes? Will she be afraid of the boys' in their goggles?

Will she like the pictures of her new family, as much as we love her and the pictures of her?

We don't know what she will think of us. However, we do think, she, a 4.5 year girl who likes to dance, WILL like the photo album. In this crazy process, we find comfort in simple assurances.