Thursday, April 29, 2010

Renewed Frugal Focus

Money - easy come, even easier go.

Especially for me, since the money I spend is earned by my dear husband.

I am fed up with how 'easy go' things have been this Spring.

Spring is a time of growth, rebirth and exploring.

We I have been...

growing the bills
giving birth to new sports equipment
exploring the aisles of Target with ridiculous frequency

We seem to go through cycles of imposed frugality, and celebratory excess. No doubt we are in a period of indulgence.

Our extravagance comes in the form of Silly Bandz, the deal of the week (this week $5 dollar boys' shorts), and the newly re-released Mighty Beanz.

Granted our expenditures are not over $5 a piece, but watch this ....

3 x $5 = $15
4 x $5 = $20

Even at $5, the number grows like mold - without effort.

It is time, the little boys I take notice. So notice I will!

What if all the Target money went to Savings, instead? Imagine...the trips we could take ... the donations we could make.

I hope no one notices my last trip to Target (really, it is for a return).