Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mom Would be so Proud

I do not like to cook.

This is especially ironic since my Mom taught cooking lessons while I was growing up. Jacques Pepin even came and co-taught with her. Mom was quite the top Chef! I am NOT.

Now, isn't this funny - I have been having digestive issues prohibiting me from eating Gluten, Dairy, Fats, and Spices. Needless to say this is forcing me to cook. Even Trader Joes does not have ready made meals that meet these guidelines. UGH!

Under duress, I found a chicken breast deep in the recesses of the freezer, and fired up the grill. I wish I could say it was wonderful, I really do, but it was just a chicken breast. At least Mom will be proud.

Who knows maybe one day, I too will teach lessons, but I really really doubt it!

Ni Hao Y'all