Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sandals and Sacrifice

When I looked at the pictures
I was surprised to see smiles
During the 'adventure', all I heard was whining

You see our hike did not go as planned

Little A crossed the creek, only to emerge shoeless

Big A raced to the rescue, and emerged shoeless

The muddy creek swallowed their Crocs, and left us unshod: 1 mile from the car
1 gravel paved mile from the car
Did you get that? 1 mile of jagged, rocky hiking to the car
We had one pair of shoes, and they were MOM's

We set off with 4 bare feet, but that did not last long

Mom sacrificed one shoe and one sock to each boy
We now had only 2 bare feet, and they were MOM's

The boys then sacrifieced their shirts for Mom, and made.....

A lovely pair of sandals.
They were welcome relief with 1/2 mile to go!

Good things come through sacrifice!

Ni Hao Y'all