Friday, May 21, 2010

Top Ten: My Husband

My husband recently said something nice to a co-worker about me, and it felt terrific.

This is not THAT unusual, but it did feel especially good. He has been traveling most of the month, so I was in need of a little appreciation other than a forced thank you from the 6 year old.

This happened after I read an article suggesting you list 10 things you like about your spouse, and keep it in your wallet (lest we forget, and focus on the habits of our loved one that just might on the very rare occasion drive us a little nuts).

Here is my top ten. I feel so lucky 'cause he's all mine, forever!

  1. He is dependable - always there when I need him.
  2. He loves people - family, friends, strangers.
  3. He is sensitive.
  4. He is funny.
  5. He is loyal to friends, family strangers.
  6. He is marginally athletic.
  7. He is himself - what you see is what you get.
  8. He has old fashioned values: God and Family first.
  9. He is easy going - no temper on this guy.
  10. He loves to take care of me and our kids.

Take the challenge ... what are the top 10 things you like about your spouse?