Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Worrying about our LOA

Today is day 30 in this wretched waiting game.

I really want to NOT pester our agency, and ask when our LID may come, and/or our Letter of Approval. This is proving very hard for me, because ...

I am worried.

Worried that our wait for LSC/LOA will take 90 days.

Worried that our paperwork is lost in China.

Worried that each day we wait, makes Jia's transition harder.

Worried that there will be a problem with our paperwork.

Worried that humans are messing up God's plan.

Worried that I can't handle the suspense for another 60 days.

How we want to show the world the picture we fell in love with.

How we want to send pictures, goodies, and a love letter to Jia.

For now, we wait, worry and wonder - when will our LOA come?

And share the balloon covered picture of our girl.

p.s. just after I wrote this we got our LID - 4-29-10 - Yippee!