Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thursday Prayers

I love the idea of having a designated day for 'blog' prayers. Check out Kelly's idea.

Our immediate prayers are:

1. We are waiting for our NVC cable to be sent to Guangzhou. We pray we can get an email copy of this letter so it can be quickly submitted to the Consulate in China. It needs to be an email because we won't have access to the snail mail version for a while.

2. We continue to pray for September travel, as many China made obstacles loom ahead, primarily, Chinese Official Holidays most of October.

3. We pray for Big A and Little A's teachers for the 2010 school year. We don't find out who they have until August. Our prayer is that they are matched well with their teachers.

4. Our ongoing prayers for

  • Mr. Jay - our bus driver fighting pancreatic cancer
  • Marge & Wayne - going on 2 years w/o a job
  • Jia - our daughter waiting far away
  • The boys relationship - may they be friends