Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What She May Be

When we saw pictures of our daughter we fell in love.

We fell in love with our fantasies, our ideas of a daughter, and all we want to be as a family of 5.

As we get closer to travel, reality sets in. Reality is ... we will be bringing a stranger home. Yes, she is cute on paper, but WHAT is she like for real?

She may be stubborn and stinky.
She may talk funny.
She may cry, scream, hit, and kick.
She may be bossy and boring.

She is a 4 year old girl that has experienced too much turmoil in her life. We are afraid of this 4 year old. Afraid, and yet eager to become her parents.

We hope and PRAY for a seamless transition, and yet wonder how could it be? How can all we have known change, all she has known change, and yet it create a perfect family?

We keep moving forward because we believe we were led to her. Yet, at moments along the journey, we pause and wonder, can we do this? Never do we wonder, should we do this?

We walk cautiously, hoping for the best, being informed of the worst. Ever wondering who she is, who will she become - who will WE become?