Thursday, July 1, 2010

Words to Remember from the Boys

A few conversations worth capturing:

SCENE ONE: After a few minutes of coloring.

Little A: I am bored of this.
Big A: You mean this is getting tiresome?
Little A: What does that mean?
Big A: Tiresome is the same as bored. It is part of my robust vocabulary.

SCENE TWO: Little A has been captured by me, after running away from an infraction. He was reminded for the 100th time before 9am, why he needs to do what is asked of him.

Mom: It is important that you STOP when asked.
Mom: Now, please tell me - what did I just say?'
Little A: What did I say? Well, that is what you said.

Clearly, the importance of doing what is asked did not hit home, and as for respecting his Mom ... well, that is an ongoing endeavor (I too, have a robust vocabulary).