Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back to School

...do you hear that? I bet not. Complete silence for hours. Toys in the same place for hours.   Laundry done. Sheets changed. Bills paid ...  the boys are back to school.

I did miss them, a little.  As the wait for TA continues (please pray for this week), I am enjoying the peace before the calm. At any moment, a phone call will come and change our lives forever.

Until then, a true introvert, I will revel in the silence.

So excited to be going to school with his big brother.

One very excited 1st Grader, and a little nervous 2nd Grader (of course, he is too cool to admit this).

The packs are as big as the boys, and fully decked out with key chains.

Oh, I wish I got a smile....