Friday, August 13, 2010

Just Not in the Mood

So I just don't feel like blogging. We have been too busy, and I only find joy by climbing in bed at the end of the day.

Here is what has been happening:

  • A trip to Quebec City, great, but very exhausting.
  • Dog with a tumor on the eye. Who gets an eye tumor?
  • First stitches for Little A.
  • Stitches out for Little A.
  • News that travel could be delayed until Oct / Nov due to China Holidays.
  • More vacation/travel for the husband and us.
  • Broken washing machine. No clean clothes for vacation.
  • Kids that only stop fighting to breath.
  • Rained out football camp for Little A.
  • Grass 6 inches long, begging to be mowed.
  • Dead frogs in the pool.
  • New gymnastics for Big A. Although fun, he does NOT handle change well.

    Amidst the chaos, we feel thankful for the small blessings ... like just enough energy to make it to bed each day.