Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Snapshot: How Could I Forget?

I got a new camera!

I am shocked I have not shared this.  The main reason I blog is to share pictures, and here I have the opportunity to take much better pictures and I do nothing.

It may sound odd, but my old camera is a good friend.  It got me through the hardest years of toddler-hood.

When I was SO bored of playing Candyland, I would take pictures.  When we were at the playground for the 50th time in the week, I would take pictures.  When we would walk around the block, again, and again, I would take pictures.

My old gal, got me through many tough, long days.  Now I must push her aside.  Although, she is the one who quit first.  She became very finicky, and would stop working for no identifiable reason.  Although, I was not happy about missing the perfect shot, I was not ready to put her on the shelf.

Now I am, ready.

And here is why.  I pulled out my new friend, and with little effort, this is what she gave me.

This was full-auto mode, and look at the drop of water on the left arm.

The new camera even made the boys cooperate before Little A went to football practice.

Wow, the magic of the new camera continues.  He smiled twice in the span of 10 minutes.

This new camera is a keeper!

Ni Hao Y'all