Friday, September 17, 2010

Packing for the Big Day

I am a HUGE fan of travel, but NOT a fan of packing.

We frequently travel to visit family and getting ready for those trips can be stressful.  And, that is when we are going to a place with family, with all the conveniences of home, with English speaking people, with a Target, Walmart and and Mega Mall around every corner.

Now, we are supposed to pack for a family of 4, soon to be 5, to travel for 2.5 weeks, across the globe, with no conveniences of home, no English speakers close by, and prepare for a stranger to become our daughter?

Oh, and try and get it all in carry on bags only.

Ugh, this packing REALLY stinks!

Not to mention, I feel like I have to pack the perfect outfit, the perfect toys, the perfect everything, so our new daughter will think we are cool, fun, great people with whom to spend the rest of her life.  No pressure at all.

Yes, I know this process will be anything but perfect.  I know STUFF won't make it better.  I know God is in control, but when I am freaking out, I want to make sure I have a bag of Starbursts to get me through.