Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday Things to Pray For: Feeling Blessed!

I cannot believe I have not posted anything all week - where has the time gone?

Here is our list of Praise and Prayer...

  • We are so thankful that our travel plans for Oct. have worked out so well.
  • Again, we thank God for watching over Grandpa and his health
  • We feel so blessed to have 2 little boys that are doing well in school, getting along better, and eager to welcome their little sister.
  • We pray for Meric who was diagnosed with Lyme's disease and Bell's palsy (1/2 his face is paralyzed).  We pray for a quick and complete recovery.
  • We continue to pray for Ling Ling (aka Lily) - her health, her adjustment, her happiness ... and all things related to the upcoming adoption.