Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thursday Things to Pray For: Semi-Ready

All is good here.  Even with buckets of rain coming down, we are happy, semi-ready for the trip, and enjoying our days as a family of 4.

We even received some possibly good news today, which heads up our prayer list.

  • Our International Adoption Dr., told us today that there is a chance our daughter's special need is not as severe as we assumed.  This is our prayer - that her condition is better than expected.
  • We are thankful that my 'lump' appears normal, according to the radiologist (who at the same time recommended a biopsy).  We pray that it continues to remain 'normal'.
  • We pray for safe travel and as good a trip.
  • We pray for Ling, ourselves, and the boys as we embark on this change.