Tuesday, October 19, 2010

10/19: Not Communicating

Today was a little rough.  However, it was still much better than what I had imagined 'rough' would be, and for that we continue to be SO thankful.

It started out with endless timeouts in the hall, as the boys resisted doing what was asked.  It was followed by multiple tantrums from Lexa when she did not get what she wanted.  It ended with her throwing food at me during dinner.

The good part of not being able to communicate is we tend to ACT with her, instead of giving endless warnings.  We can't tell her a zillion times to stop, so we just change what is happening.  For example, when she threw dinner at me, we left the restaurant, and that was the end of dinner for her.  Of course, she screamed for a good long time.

However, we came back to the hotel and I put her straight to bed while rubbing her back.  She LOVED it.  She stared at me the entire time, and 'asked' me to rub her entire body. At one point she looked at me and said, 'Mama'.   It was very bonding for both of us.

We learned today that she was not crazy about her foster mom because, and I quote, 'my foster mom would smack me when I was naughty.'

We are so happy to know any little tidbits about her past life, and at least in this one area, we know we can be 'better' parents to her.   We think she might think so too, maybe?

Okay ... Wednesday we pack and then head to Hong Kong in the late afternoon.  We have to wait to get her Visa, and then we take the train and spend the night in HK.

Basically, we spend the next few days traveling home.  I will try to post photos along the way if I can!  Thanks for all the comments - it helps so much to feel like friends and family are participating!