Thursday, October 14, 2010

China, 10/14/10: Again Even More Pictures before Bed

I am having so much fun playing on the Internet again.... can you tell?

Here are the pictures from our first evening in Guangzhou.

In case it is not ABUNDANTLY obvious, she is a true girly girl.  She puts on her necklaces and rings every day.  She puts on her lips gloss multiple times a day.  She loves looking in the mirror at herself.  She prances around singing constantly.  And like all good prima donnas she can yell at you in fast loud Chinese  - which is a little scary.  The boys and I just back away.  Although, they are starting to yell back.

We feel so blessed that it has gone so well.  We would love to know how she is handling this change so well - maybe one day she can tell us. For now, we just enjoy every minute.

It really has been a great trip so far - we are so thankful the boys are here, other families are here, and that everyone is healthy and happy.

 The princess.  

 Oh so cute!

 She tries hard to keep up with the boys.

Enjoying our first meal at Lucy's - the American restaurant close to the hotel.

 Adam is kind of missing his place as the 'baby'.  We are trying hard to reassure him, and feed him his favorite noodles daily!

 Enjoying her noodles and brocoli.  She also loves Pringles and ice cream. 

Our last run the park before heading to bed - goodnight.