Thursday, October 14, 2010

China, 10/14/10: Even More Pictures

After a huge fit, she came out of her shell and started posing for the camera.
This is in Guangzhou.

A park in NaNning.  He LOVED being able to climb on EVERYTHING!

Playing hide-n-seek with Gu Gu.

In the Nanning park.

Mom and her THREE kids feeding the fish in Nanning.

The Nanning Fish park.

Lexa saw the boats and was ready to go for a ride.  She seems to have very little fear, and a very strong will. Adam was so happy not to go on the boat ride.

 At the White Swan hotel in Guangzhou.

Playing with their fans.

She is telling Adam how to hold the fan and pose for the camera.  She took 100s of pictures (all of her hand in front of the camera), and for each one she instructed us how to pose.