Friday, October 15, 2010

China, 10/15/10: A Day at the Safari Park

Today was a completely free day.  We decided to go to the Guangzhou Safari Park which is about 20 minutes out of town - however, town never really ends between downtown and 'out of town'.  There is no stop to the 'town' of over 8 million.  It does seem to be a much newer, nicer, and interesting city than Nanning.  

It was amazing to see the city.  We wish we could capture the enormity of the city, but a single picture does not do it justice.  Guangzhou is just and endless sea of HUGE highrises.  High rishes bigger than we have ever seen.  All covered with clothes drying and windows packed with stuff.

It would not be right to post, and not tell about today's tantrum.  It was a monster!  Fortunately, Meric likes the challenge of seeing who can go the longest.  He endured at least 30+ minutes of hitting, biting, screaming and trying to throw up.  She eventually fell asleep on our drive.  When it is all done she acts as if nothing happened and is a delight.  We do think she has plenty to cry about, so for now we see the tantrums as part of the normal process of grieving.

Enjoy the photos from the day at the park.