Saturday, October 16, 2010

China, 10/16/10: A Day without a Meltdown! Yeah!

Today's agenda was to meet in the morning, and visit the local clinic to make sure the kids (there were 12 in our group - and about 50 all together crowded into a small hot Chinese clinic) are healthy enough to come into the US.

Lexa's TB was fine, and she only needed 4 shots.  I thought for sure this would induce a meltdown, but it did not.  She barely flinched during the shots, and told the nurse that she wanted to sit in Mama's lap. It is 6:45pm and we have been meltdown free.  

She even survived a shopping outing without a complaint.  She got a fancy Chinese dress, that she picked out.  We suggested a traditional dress, and she told the sales lady, no, that's not my style.  She loved looking at all the Barbie's at the shop but was fine when we said no.  They are about 3 times as expensive.  We have yet to find all the cheap 'made in China' stuff.  Apparently, it is shipped off only to the US.

It was a nice day.  Being in Guangzhou is very enjoyable.  The people are friendly.  There is lots to do.  The weather was  below 85, so it was good today.

Enjoying the statues that are in the park close to the hotel.

We were happy to see her play with the other girls in our group.  She loved posing the Barbie's and 'teaching' her toys.  She really enjoyed hanging with the big girls.  We are so thankful for the other families in our group.  Many of them brought siblings which has been fun for the boys and Lexa. 

In love with Barbie.

Enjoying McDonalds.

Andrew shot his siblings with his new rifle.