Sunday, October 17, 2010

China, 10/17/10: Hanging Out in Guangzhou

Today was pretty low key.  We had a photo shoot in the morning and a very mini tour in the afternoon.  In between, we went for a swim then she had a meltdown.

We have our Consulate Appointment on Monday, and who knows what else.  The boys keep asking 'what are we doing?'  We never know, it is always a surprise to us.

We thought we were meeting at 2pm today, and strolled into breakfast around 9am, only to find out we were having a group photo shoot in 30 minutes.  It does keep things exciting!

Adam was giving her a hug when she was watching TV.

Lexa was up very early today, and once again fell asleep on the bus as we visited the Chen Family Temple (she didn't miss much).

This is what the boys did at the Temple.

At the end of the tour she woke up in time for a few pictures.

We found some fake Lego guys ... Andrew is playing with his buddy Jude from Texas, while Adam was in the other room with Jude's brother Henry, no surprise, they were playing DS.

The boys and Lexa have been timid around each other, until, she jumped on top of Adam.

The chaotic group picture from the morning.

Fortunately, as we waited for the picture the fish provide lots of entertainment

Our own little group picture.

Hanging out in the room, playing with dolls and doing a very little schoolwork.