Sunday, October 10, 2010

China, Day 4 (10/11): Today is the Big Day

Andrew and I are in one room, and Adam and Dad are across the room.

Adam woke up, jumped on his bed, and said:  TODAY IS THE BIG DAY!  Followed by a big hug for Meric.  Fortunately, I got a great Adam hug shortly afterwards.

Yeah, that brings me tears too.

The powers that be are stretching the anticipation out as long as possible.  We will meet her sometime this afternoon - the time keeps moving.  Maybe 3pm?

We had a nice dinner with the 4 other families in our travel group.  It is wonderful to share stories, time, and nerves with them.  We will all go to an office building somewhere in this HUGE city and be ushered into a conference room, and the kids will then be ushered in.

Oh, how our hearts go out to our little girl.  We hope and pray they have prepared her as best they can.  Although right now we are feeling very unprepared!

We are so thankful the boys are with us!  They speak English, make us laugh, don't get bothered by the stares, and generally are a joy.  They are doing great and taking in the adventure.

As for that adventure, forgive my very spoiled American viewpoint:

China is friendly, dirty, overflowing with people, smelly, intrigued by us, lacking good TV, smoky, poor, foggy, smoggy, hot, scary (from Adam), different (from Andrew)!

It was a little shock to the system when we realized we are 2 weeks away from home -- it feels like we have been here 2 weeks. Despite our discomfort and fears we will take little steps and try and venture out to a park or museum.

All until, we meet our girl.