Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Love at the Playground

.... 'cause we have not had a meltdown for 24 hours, and that is HUGE around here.  I am a little nervous that if I write about it, I may jinx this tiny step forward.

I will take the risk, and share our moments of progress.

Alexa is repeating lots of English.  In fact, she motioned tears and said sad.  Later in the day she said 'Ling Ling sad'. I believe she has lots to be sad about, and it is so nice to hear words and not screams.

We also had a few giggles as Alexa, Adam and Baby played at the park.  We have tried to name Baby, but since we still can't name Alexa, Baby may have to wait.

A HUGE thank you for the American Girl Bitty Baby - She is in love!

Her first time down a twirly slide (for both of them).

I love how he is trying to figure out how her eyes work.

They have lots of fun together.

Baby enjoyed her first time swinging.

Alexa is in love with Baby.

Good times by all, including Mom.  A beautiful day and I remembered my camera to capture the moments of joy.  Seeing their smiles does bring me joy.