Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Makes Me Smile ... Something Has To

I didn't write about this because I am still sore from the event - emotionally sore that is.  Monday was our worst day yet, with at least 6 hours of meltdowns.

The big problem was that Alexa refused to get in her car seat when we were out.  I would get her buckled in, and she would just unbuckle - this went on for a good hour.

I was panicked that she will figure out that she can unbuckle anytime she wants and control whether or not we go anywhere.  Well, she could until today.

We have been talking to an adoption 'attachment' counselor, who encourages us to let Alexa regress as much as possible (so we can give her what she missed).  Lexa loves this!  She has taken to a bottle, a pacifier, and today she was thrilled that we got to purchase a new Baby car seat for Baby Ling LIng - as she refers to herself.

She was all smiles as I placed it in the car, and buckled her up.

Little does she understand.  She is now captive to my ways.  She cannot undo the buckle, she cannot escape mid-carpool run.  You go Baby Ling Ling!!