Tuesday, November 16, 2010

One Month as a Family

I missed our 1 month gotcha date, mostly because each day feels like a month in itself.  

However, we have made progress over the past 32 days.  Here is where we are as a family, and what we are learning along the way.

A little about Alexa (aka, Ali)
  • She continues to grieve very hard.  This is the polite way of saying she still has daily tantrums.
  • She can be silly and funny.
  • She does not like to share her Mommy with her brothers
  • In fact, sharing in general is very hard for her.
  • She is voluntarily saying English words (No, eat, wait, No, shoes, drink, all done, No and No).  It took about 3 weeks at home for her to use a few English words.
  • She can count her fingers: 1, 2,3,4,5.
  • As we had been told, she loves to sing.  In English, she will sing her version of Happy Birthday, The ABC Song, and Jesus Loves Me.
  • She loves her dance class - especially that she gets to spend the entire hour admiring herself in the room of mirrors.  The Spring performance will be adorable!
  • When asked to write her name, she will very clearly write, 'Ali.'
  • She had her first haircut, and loved it.

As for the Rest of Us
  • The boys have been fabulous.  They try to comfort her during her tantrums.
  • The boys have changed 'Baby's' diapers and pushed 'baby's' stroller on a walk.
  • The boys have complained about her getting all the attention and the noise level of the tantrums - which is to be expected.
  • Meric has fallen in love with his little girl.
  • I am adjusting to the loss of my freedom and dealing with a very emotionally fragile little girl.
  • I still don't know how to do Ali's hair.
  • I enjoy the moments when the 3 kids are playing and enjoying each other.
In sum, this is hard, and will probably continue to have its challenges for months to come, and that is okay.  We feel good about being a family of 5, and for that we are very thankful.