Sunday, December 19, 2010

Almost 2 Months Home

It feels like we have been home much longer than almost 2 months.  I remember I gave an update around 1 month, but I don't remember what I said.

I do know things have gotten smoother and more stable which feels nice.  We really enjoy having 3 kids, and getting to know our little girl. As with all kids, we have good days, great days, and hard exhausting days.  We are thankful that we continue to have more good days.

Here is where we are:

  • Lexa smiles a lot more often.
  • After weeks of her saying:  'Lexa sad' we mostly hear 'Lexa happy'.  She will even joke with the boys and say:  'Andrew mad'.
  • She understands A LOT!
  • She pesters her brothers.  
  • She and I started preschool, and she loves it. I hope to drop-out of preschool after the Holiday break.
  • She loves to eat, anything!  She is our leftover cleaner outer, and loves it all.
  • She is going to her own Sunday School class with a smile.
  • She started swimming lessons which she also loves. 
  • She loves to sing, and just about has Jingle Bells down.
  • She has used more craft paper in her 2 months, than the boys have in 8 years!
  • She HATES going outside.  She HATES the cold. She HATES fresh air.
  • She tolerates the dogs.  She will politely say 'no, thank you Preston'.  Preston, on the other hand, will continue to pester Alexa despite her manners.
  • She LOVES her dance class and had her first 'recital'.  She loves wearing her leotard and tights on 'dance day' - all day.  She could watch this video all day - we hope you too enjoy it!