Friday, February 25, 2011

Big A is at that age where he is losing his innonence.

He seems to be impacted more and more by his peers.

However, he IS holding on to a few of this Mommy's apron strings (is that the right saying?).

He is not a big fan of riding the bus to school.  I am okay with this.

I am not a big fan of the bus either, because, well, kids will be kids.  Unsupervised and free to run/talk amock - the kids test the limits.  I am very happy to make the drive and give him one final kiss before he goes into school.

This morning, Big A said he wanted to ride on the Blue Bus not the 'Cuss Bus'.

Yes, his idea, the 'Cuss Bus' ....pretty cute!  I love that he knows the bus is not the best enivironment and that he is choosing his Mom.

As if that was not enough to warm my heart today.

On a whim, I decided to feed Alexa her cereal this morning.  The thought being that this may help build trust between Alexa and I.

She liked it, and I liked the forced eye contact with Alexa (yet, another thing with which she struggles).

After a few bights, Big A notices what is going on, and jumps in to encourage his sister.

He says: 'great eye contact, Alexa'.

Oh, how this boy melts my heart!