Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!!!! I Love You Guys and Gal!!!

I had high hopes of getting V Day donuts for breakfast, that did not happen.

I had marginal hopes of going out for an afternoon snack, that did not happen.

Just not in the mood.

Fortunately, I had a few surprises for the kids.

The boys are in LOVE with Lego Ninjago.

Triple A is in LOVE with Caillou.

I am in LOVE with my kiddos.

Love (and Gifts) Make the World Go Round.

Gotta Love that Smile

So Happy to Have Her Own Caillou Books and Dinosaur Rexie.
(Caillou has a Dino named Rexie too)

8)   A 40 degree run this morning
9)   My good friend who called just when I needed it
10)    Laundry put away
11)   Purex All-in-One Laundry Sheets