Friday, February 11, 2011

The Report Said She LOVED to Play Outside

One of the few things we were told about Alexa was that she LOVES to play outside.

Well, we have yet to see even the TINiEST indication that she enjoys outside.

Nope, she does not want to spend a second in the Sun.

It feels like Spring here, a balmy 36 degrees.

In case 36 does not sound warm.  It was 10 degrees this morning.

I was THRILLED to bask in the Sun. 

Gather Pine branches.

Get my does of Vitamin D - I have missed it.

Not so for Miss Outdoors.

This is how Miss Pouty Pants enjoyed the Sun.

First, she chose to stare at the brick wall.

Yes, Miss Sunshine has on about 20 layers.

Apparently that was too much FUN, so she moved inside the garage.

Then that got too exciting, so she turned back to face the wall again.

So when people ask ... how is going?

I hesitate, and say GREAT!

How could I not enjoy Miss Sunshine?


1)   Triple A took the bus to school AND home from school
2)   Big A's teacher told me his is doing VERY well in school, especially his academics
3)   The boys had a great time at their swim meet.