Monday, March 21, 2011

Long Bumpy Road

I am slowly, very slowly, learning how parenting/life is a long and bumpy road.  As Scott Peck said, Life is Hard.

It may go smoothly for periods of time, but there are always unexpected potholes along the way.  When the road is smooth and beautiful, I forget there will be potholes around the bend so they always catch me by surprise.

Our choice is what we do with those potholes.  I can get sucked down into their depths.  I can bump over the holes.  I can embrace the change they bring to an otherwise beautifully monotonous life.

Today's potholes are a sick kid, bickering bothers, and rain.  Really they are nothing in the scheme of things.  In fact, the sick kid has enabled me to stay home and get some long overdue chores done - maybe the boys will appreciate their clean sheets - but I doubt it.

I appreciate the ability to look as these bumps as just that, little bumps that help me slow down, and help me enjoy the road when it is a little more predictable.  Through it all I hope to grow into a better Mom and a better person.

46)   A great weekend
47)   Lots of sunshine
48)   Safety while running in an unexpected thunderstorm
49)   Clean sheets
50)   Runts - the candy
51)  Newly filed papers
52)  Progress on tax filing
53)  Learning to breath slowly