Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Maybe I Have Done Okay with One Kid?

Adam is an awesome kid.  I am so amazingly proud of him.  

He makes me feel like maybe I have done something right.  This is a great feeling compared to the constant, 'I hate you' feeling from Alexa. 

Here is the deal.  Throughout this adoption journey, I have been impressed with the boys' ability to deal with Alexa.  They keep loving her and they, too, get nothing back.

This morning, Adam is putting on a personal circus for Alexa:  silly faces, funny noises, tickles, knock knock jokes, dancing and more!

Alexa's response - the BLANK STARE.

It is hard enough that she breaks my heart day after day, but to watch her break HIS heart well that kills me!

I remove him from her, and ask how that felt?

Adam's wonderful response:  'Mom, I just want to cheer her up, and she does nothing back.'

How could this wonderfully silly, beautiful, fun face not make your smile?

It makes me smile, and cheers me up all the time.

I love this smile, and his desire to help, love,and heal.

Together we will keep reaching out, and keep on smiling.