Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Ride of Our Lives

We have been told the process of Alexa's healing / adjusting to her new life will be the ride of our lives. 

 It is.

We have good moments, terrible moments, good days, bad days, chatty times, extreme rude times, pull your hair out moments, and I could gobble you up moments.

(Not to mention the boys, who keep me on my toes - huge understatement!)

I want off the roller coaster, but I will keep going!  I do believe God has a sense of humor - giving me the longest stint on a roller coaster known to man.  I always raise my hands in the air - either from joy or frustration, and I always try to end with a smile.

However, when we make our annual trek to the amusement park - the coaster will have lost ALL allure for me.

61)   Running in shorts
62)  Big A saying 'I'm thankful for you Mom'
63)   Little A's allergy issues getting better
64)  Discovering a new playground
65)   Good finds at the library - I love an escape book
66)   Advil
67)   Boys who will smile for pictures