Sunday, July 10, 2011

Rejection - It Hurts

I had hoped to post of all the great changes we saw in Alexa.  However, today, I don't feel like it  (yeah, that sounds mature, not).

Today, she was back to her wonderful rejecting self.  Out to hurt me at all cost, and she did.

Her rejection hurt today, but yet, I will go on loving her through my pain.

2 weeks ago, we saw, for the VERY FIRST TIME, signs that she was letting her very strong guard down.  She was starting to attach to us. She was being nice, normal.  It was pure jubilation.

The party ended, as we had been told it would.  However, we must cling to the knowledge that there is a wonderful little girl behind the think walls.  She will come out again.  We must believe this.

To better understand what the heck I am talking about, read this AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL post on parenting a child with RAD.  I love this Mama, she shares this journey with compassion and beauty.