Monday, August 29, 2011

The Harvest

We were very lucky, and did not feel Irene's wrath.  We did not lose power, which is truly amazing.  We normally lose power during a typical rain - so we were certain Irene would knock things out.

We are especially thankful, because our neighbors that lost power have been told it could be a week before the lights come on again.

We did lose lots of branches, but that too, is typical in a heavy storm.  Surprisingly, we did not lose all our sunflowers, but most were looking a little droopy by the end of Irene.

We decided to harvest what was left of this year's farming escapade.

The kids are getting into the spirit of homeschooling, and said smashing all the sunflower heads was a great science experiment.

The corn patch after Irene, or maybe just, after Preston (our dog).

Dad helped the kids with this limb.  The sticks we left for the hooligans.

The bruised and battered sunflowers.

The sunflower graveyard.

Harvesting the sunflowers, a.k.a., the science experiment.

I love the pictures of the corn.  My guess is that they look better than they taste.

 The pumpkins survived as well.  We now have 3 growing.

 Pumpkin 2

The original big daddy of our pumpkin patch.

And maybe # 4 on the way.