Friday, August 26, 2011

Not in the Mood to Blog

... can you tell?

I just don't want to write about the earthquake, the hurricane, our travels,  longing for school to start.  I am bored, and what I have to say feels very boring.

I am bored of endless days to entertain the hooligans.

I am bored of all the jobs I need to do but continue to avoid.

I am bored with all the housework that screams for attention.

However, I really don't want the excitement of Hurricane Irene.  I am content in our boredom.  Life is good and dull.

The most exciting thing is watch the pumpkin grow.  Lots of pumpkin vines, but only one pumpkin.  Hopefully, our little lone pumpkin will be there after the wind and rains of Irene.