Monday, August 1, 2011

Reasons for Homeschooling

One of the many Homeschool books I have browsed, said I should make a list of reasons for this choice.

I should then look over this list when I want to pull my hair out the 2nd week of school.

Here is why we are going to give this journey a try, in no particular order.

  • Adam wants to stay home.  He specifically asked to be home-schooled.
  • We hope the individualized attention, and less chaotic environment builds confidence.
  • We hope we can move the kids at an accelerated pace in the areas they excel, and give them extra attention in the areas that are challenging (like Adam's writing, and Lexa's math).
  • We love the idea of a more relaxed lifestyle - traveling when we want, no rushing out the door, no homework, less rushing around in the car, fewer morning battles, the list goes on and on.
  • Sheltering them from negative social pressures, while exposing them to other social environments.
  • We like the idea of being the ones that know our kids the best, and vice versa.
  • A less competitive environment, whether they are competing on grades or hairstyles.  Hopefully, our home will provide a more caring nurturing place with emphasis on what we value.
  • Knowing what they are learning, and directing their learning while learning with them.
I could go on, but I love this list, and it summarizes our motives better than I.  In sum, when we researched the idea, we fell in love with the concept, and the possibilities the freedom of HS'ing offers.  We are eager to see where this journey leads.

I can't leave you without a few pictures from a recent adventure.  Enjoy.