Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Homeschooling is SO Time Consuming

I continue to hope that I will have time for a little of 'my' life, but it just does not happen.
I continue to adjust to life with the boys at home ALL THE TIME.  We do school from 9am to 3pm everyday, and then we do gymnastics, swimming or dance from 4pm until 7pm.  Then from 7pm until 8pm we get ready for bed, and then I CRASH!!!

For the most part, HS'ing going well, but it is hard.  I daily wonder how long will I will do this?  Should we put them back in school?  What school? 

Then I remember all the great changes we have seen since we began this journey.

  • The boys are much better friends.
  • Adam's reading has improved 100%.
  • Adam is much happier, more relaxed, and self-confident (the reason we began this adventure)
  • Adam's handwriting is noticeably better.
  • Andrew is much less angry.
  • I feel fulfilled with my purpose (most of the time).
  • There is no negative junk coming home from school.
So 'my' life will have to wait for now. I am not really sure what 'my' life would look like, since before homeschool, I spent my days driving to/from school, volunteering at school, and doing the nightly homework battle.  Maybe, I can go back to blogging and photo taking as I spend my days guiding the boys in the work....maybe?

p.s. Lexa is doing full-day Kindergarten and loving it!  (I love it too :))