Sunday, January 1, 2012

No Fighting in 2012

"The second person starts the fight as they are the one that has the choice to walk away. Without a second, there is no fight."

I love this!

I know this is not the most cheerful way to start 2012, but I am trying to live it, and I love it.

Our RAD kiddo is always eager to start a fight, and I too often take the bait.  Fortunately, I am getting too old for the battles, and I now know better.

Whether it is with Lexa, my husband, or Andrew, I am learning to walk away, and it feels much better than the screaming matches.  (Typing this, I just realized, Adam and I never ever fight.)

There it is, my simple plan to improve our family life.  I started this several weeks ago, and the changes have been remarkable.  I hope 2012 bring much more success.

Thanks to my best friend for helping me embrace this wisdom.  I love you Mom.