Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Our Public School

I had to call our elementary school today.  Most likely, Lexa will go to the local public school next year, and will need emotional and behavioral support.  As I was talking to the school counselor, she asked if the boys would be coming back.

I said no, they will not.  This was the first time I voiced the reality of homeschooling again next year.  We want to keep doing this.  We see so many wonderful benefits, and wonder why more people don't do it? 

It is the hardest job I have had, and, by far, the most rewarding.  The rewards include:

  • The tremendous relationship I have with the boys
  • The tremendous relationship that has developed between the boys
  • The ability to be in charge of our schedule
  • Controlling the curriculum, such as, starting the boys in next year's work now
  • The purpose to our days
  • The constant, and sometimes overwhelming, opportunities to become a better Mom/Teacher
  • The field trips
  • Yes, I love sheltering them from all the negative peer interactions
  • The joy of watching them learn and work hard
  • The joy of watching them learn new material
  • The joy of re-learning history, science, art and even a little grammar

Thanks to Adam for asking to be home schooled a year ago.  It was a great idea, and one we plan to stick with for a little while longer.

A quick pose before we destroyed our Christmas Gingerbread House.  Not surprisingly, Andrew said it tasted like cardboard!

p.s.  We wish we could bring Lexa home.  Hopefully, one day, her emotional issues will heal and we can enjoy a much deeper and mutual relationship.  For now, we fight daily to help her heal from Reactive Attachment Disorder.  We pray for a miracle for our little girl.